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Prelude To Kraziness: Five Burning Questions...

Take some time to share your thoughts on some of the biggest questions for Gonzaga heading into the 2012-13 season.

Charles Leclaire-US PRESSWIRE

I am more than happy to report that we are sprinting down the back stretch of this offseason. We are a day removed from Kraziness In The Kennel, a little more than a week away from the exhibition matchup and, before you know it, we'll be in the thick of the season.

1. Who is your starting five out of the games and, most importantly, who are the five you want on the court with two minutes left in a tie ball game against Baylor?

2. One thing Mark Few has said about this team is that they are still searching for that one guy who they can rely on to make the big bucket when they need it most. Will Gonzaga find that this season or will that be a consistent issue?

3. When it is all said and done, who will have made the bigger impact on the 2012 season, Przemek Karnowski or Kelly Olynyk?

4. Gonzaga's schedule is a bit softer than in recent years; what team, in or out of conference, worries you the most?

5. Lastly, we want your feedback on the new site! Is everyone working through the new look and feel? Anything that you think can be better? We want to hear about it!

Look forward to your thoughts in the comments below!