More Lineups for fun

Latest mock lineup based on the info we have at this point:

- PG: Nembhard / Hickman. I think Hickman would do better off the ball for his primary role, where he doesn't need to worry about running the offense primarily and can focus on scoring. We've done well with more than one ball handler in the back court at a time.

- SG: Hickman / Stromer / Venters / Nembhard.

- SF: Smith / Venters / Toohey / Jun Seok Yeo / Stromer. Hoping Smith will come back, don't expect Strawther to come back. If JS did come back that would of course change things.

- PF: Watson / Gregg / Ike / Perry* (no idea if he'll be healthy enough to play much if at all) / Huff / Toohey / Jun Seok Yeo. Definitely hoping Watson will come back.

- C: Ike / Gregg / Naheem Macleod (would love to see us get him) / Huff / Perry*. Don't expect us to get Hunter Dickinson, but if somehow we were able to pull that off, I'm sure he'd be starting at C and things would be shifting around. Don't expect Timme to come back.

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