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Hunter Sallis enters transfer portal

He is the second Zag to depart this offseason.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament West Regional-UCONN vs Gonzaga Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Hunter Sallis has entered the transfer portal, becoming the second Gonzaga player to do so following Dominick Harris.

Sallis, a former five-star recruit, has two more years of eligibility remaining. Whichever team he transfers to will be receiving a talented perimeter defender whose offensive game has not quite unlocked its fullest potential.

Sallis averaged 16.7 minutes per game this past season, but scored just 4.5 points per game, attempting just 3.2 field goals per game. His primary focus on the court was not as the first, second, or third scoring option. Rather, he earned his minutes through tenacious defense on the perimeter.

Combined with Harris, Sallis is demonstrating that Gonzaga is no longer immune to the ways of the transfer portal. Theoretically, Sallis was in for some sizable and meaningful minutes next season at Gonzaga. Apparently, he thinks that a better situation will come elsewhere. More power to him and we wish him the best.

Panic? Not quite yet. Gonzaga has a tendency to land quality players in the transfer portal and we shouldn’t expect any different this time around. It is early, so although it is hard to just settle in and go with the “wait and see” approach, that is the only option we have.