Lineups for fun

I'm sure this'll change before the beginning of the year and then it'll change again once Few and co. decide what they actually want to do for the year.

But in the meantime I get to pretend like I'm the coach with my lineups and that's fun for me, so that's what I'm going to do. Feel free to join in on the exercise in the comments if you wish.

So, assuming Smith and Watson come back, this is what I'd like to see:

- PG: Smith/Hickman. Yes, I'd like to see Smith come back as the starting PG because he's expressed interest in playing that position to prep for the NBA before. Smith has fire in his belly and is his own scoring threat. Hickman needs to learn how to have fire in his belly and be a better scoring threat without just assisting all of the time.

- SG: Hickman/Stromer.

- SF: Sallis/Toohey/Stromer/Jun Seok Yeo.

- PF: Watson/Perry* (no idea if he'll be healthy enough to play much)/Huff/Toohey/Jun Seok Yeo

- C: Gregg/Reid.

Maybe things aren't looking so bad after all. And then we might be able to pick up some people on the transfer portal, like Taran Armstrong, who could play @ the 1, 2, or 3. We should have a good in with him because of Alex Toohey. And Few might want to get a transfer player like him who isn't as green as Toohey or Stromer.

I'm thinking Gregg is doing well enough to start at the 5 this year without them bringing in anyone else from the portal there, as long as no one gets hurt!

If Few is determined to go with Hickman @ PG we could do the same lineups except with Hickman starting at the 1, Sallis at the 2, and Smith at the 3. But I'd love to see Smith start while Hickman develops a bit more, and I think he could pick up some good things from Malachi.

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