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Dominick Harris has entered the transfer portal

The Gonzaga guard could never find his consistent time in the rotation.

NCAA Basketball: Eastern Oregon at Gonzaga James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Gonzaga Bulldogs guard Dominick Harris has reportedly entered the transfer portal.

The first commit of the “Tricky Trio” to Gonzaga, rounded out by Julian Strawther and Jalen Suggs, Harris was never able to quite find his consistent footing in the rotation.

A four-star guard out of high school, pretty much any chance of him earning meaningful minutes his freshman season was dashed when Andrew Nembhard was declared immediately eligible, back when such exemptions were not guaranteed. That left Harris behind Nembhard, Suggs, Ayayi, and transfer Aaron Cook. Both Harris and Strawther played consistently, just not for long.

In what theoretically should’ve been the upward jump year for Harris, with the departure of Cook, Ayayi, and Suggs, Harris sustained a foot injury that would wipe out his entire season.

After that, he was never able to gain a solid foothold in the rotation this season. He appeared in just 13 games, averaging 4.5 minutes of play, compared to 25 games and 7.2 minutes per game in the 2020-21 season.

According to the fanbase this season, that was either complete and utter malfeasance by the coaching staff on one side of the coin, or not playing for justifiable reasons on the other. The reality is probably somewhere in between.

Best of luck to Harris, wherever he lands.