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2022-23 Player Preview: Joe Few

Expect a buzz from the crowd when he enters a game

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 22 Empire Classic - Gonzaga v Central Michigan Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Joe Few has got to be living the dream. He’s spent his entire life in and around the Gonzaga basketball program, shagging balls at practice, interacting with players who were his childhood heroes and learning the intricacies of the system his father implemented. Now he gets to wear the jersey and those players are his teammates.

Last season, Joe was the last player to see the floor. After all the scholarship guys, after Lang and Graves, he got the final minute or two in the biggest of blow-outs. When he entered the game, shouts to shoot rained down from the crowd and his teammates. Sadly, Joe took nine shots last season, four of those from beyond the arc and he missed them all. Thankfully, he was one for two on free throws so yes, he’s scored at the Division 1 level.

Scoring wasn’t Joe’s strength though, ironically it was rebounding. He grabbed nine boards in 21 minutes play, taking full advantage of the long caroms from end of game hoists. This led to his leading the team in rebounds per 40 minutes played with 17.1. Take that Chet Holmgren.

As the coach’s son and the most knowledgeable player on the Gonzaga system, Joe has to walk a fine line. Help players as required but don’t be too pushy, set an example in training and practice but don’t come off as a suck up. He seems to be doing it right, team social media videos show him as one of the guys and when he enters games his teammates genuinely want him to succeed.

With Lang and Graves gone, Joe should move up the walk-on depth chart and enter games earlier. I expect him to be a little more comfortable, a little more confident. If he does hit a three this season, the Kennel will explode, he’ll be mobbed by his teammates and I bet even Mark Few leaves the floor grinning.

Keep working on your game Joe. I remember a dozen or so years ago when another sub-6-foot, 150lb soaking wet, former Gonzaga Prep Bullpup with a famous last name joined the team. Earlier this month, David Stockton signed with the Indiana Pacers, his fifth NBA contract if I’m not mistaken.