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Transfer Portal: Fardaws Aimaq transfers to Texas Tech

The Zags were in the running alongside Iowa, Houston, Texas Tech, and Washington.

Utah Valley v New Mexico State Photo by Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

Former Utah Valley big man Fardaws Aimaq, one of the top forwards in the transfer portal, has announced he is transferring to Texas Tech.

The Zags were in the running for Aimaq, a double-double machine who averaged 18.9 points, 13.6 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks per game, almost until the very end, but ultimately could not get over the second-to-last hump.

Much of that probably stems from the slight unrest the NBA Draft Process combines with the new age transfer portal. The Zags are almost guaranteed to lose Chet Holmgren to the NBA Draft. Fellow forward Drew Timme has declared, but there is the potential he returns. If he does, a frontcourt of Aimaq and Timme isn’t exactly going to blow away the competition.

Although Aimaq does showcase a tad bit of range, he, like Timme, did most of his damage near the hoop. What helped Holmgren and Timme work so well was the spacing on the floor a player like Holmgren creates. A frontcourt featuring Aimaq and Timme, although not impossible to work with, doesn’t operate in the same manner. When one factors in both Timme and Aimaq were both focal points of their respective offenses (Timme: 29.6% possession, 28.2% shots taken; Aimaq 28.9% possession, 30.9% shots taken), things might’ve gotten a bit muddled in the post.

Of course, Timme isn’t technically returning at the moment. But such is the case with this transfer portal madness. If Aimaq wants to maximize his potential and land with a high caliber team as a jumping board for the next step, he cannot wait to see how the Gonzaga roster is going to settle out.

Currently, the Zags frontcourt roster is Anton Watson, Kaden Perry, Ben Gregg, and incoming freshman Braden Huff (recent Mr. Illinois winner).