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Former Zag Jeremy Eaton passes away after battle with cancer

Eaton was a member of the original 1999 squad.

University of Connecticut vs Gonzaga University, 1999 NCAA West Regional Finals Set Number: X57515

Former Gonzaga Bulldog Jeremy Eaton, a key cog of the 1999 “Slipper Still Fits” team, has passed away after fighting adenocarcinoma cancer for more than a year. He was just 45 years old.

Adenocarcinoma cancer develops in the glands that line the organs in the human body. It can be treated, although there is not a known cure for the cancer. Eaton, a small business owner in Nampa, Idaho, was diagnosed in December 2020.

A GoFundMe set up for Eaton circulated throughout the Gonzaga community, and to this day has raised over $60,000 dollars.

There is nothing else to say here other than cancer sucks, and our hearts, thoughts, and prayers, go out to Eaton’s family, his teammates, and every single person whose life he touched.