Is Tommy Lloyd our biggest nemesis?

As a long time Zag fan, I want nothing but success for Tommy Lloyd. Obviously this guy is a major cornerstone in what the Zags have built. I felt when the Arizona job came up he was a great fit, and had earned the opportunity. He’s put in the work. He’s been a recruiting wizard for the Zags. It made sense to me that Zona would be willing to hand over the keys of their troubled and fledgling program to a guy that had been a fixture in building a national powerhouse.

In the past I have enjoyed poking the bear with Zona fans calling them the little brother, but now that Lloyd is there, they really are the little brother. And right now I’m worried that the little brother I’ve been kicking around is about to grow to be 7’1" and 325lbs.

High noon is coming this March or maybe even April. It’s going to be some full on Jedi, Darth and Luke sh!t. Master and apprentice battle.

It’s going to be epic!

Tommy Lloyd deserves to win every coach of the year award he qualifies for. He’s done a remarkable job. Zona and Gonzaga are the only two teams in the nation that are currently in the top ten in both offense and defense. They are a lot alike as you might imagine.

Zona and Gonzaga will become one of the best "rivalries" in sports.

Saint Mary’s is a great rivalry and all. But is there really a rivalry between a hammer and a nail?

I feel like the games to come with Zona will have more on the line than a conference title.

It’s going to be so tasty.

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