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Gonzaga torches Lions in 45-point win

Gonzaga continued their dominance from deep

There is winning and then there is annihilating. What the Gonzaga women did in Los Angeles can only be considered the latter. The Zags boat raced the Lions, ultimately winning 96-51 in a game that was a twenty-point lead or greater from the beginning of the second quarter onwards.

The game was out of hand largely due to the perimeter shooting that Gonzaga has leaned on for the last handful of games. Gonzaga was 10 for 13 from outside in the first half. Kaylynne Truong and Brynna Maxwell combined for 8 for 9 from deep before halftime. Maxwell has been spectacular all season from distance, shooting 54% on 87 attempts. The Zags finished 14 for 23 on the night, which exasperated the issues for the Lions throughout the game.

Gonzaga shot 55% from 2-point as well, led by 24 points from Yvonne Ejim who shot 10 for 15 on the day. Her 8 rebounds also led the Zags on a day where they won the rebound battle 43 to 30. Ejim had a stoppage percentage of 40% to lead the team.

The domination on the glass helped Gonzaga also secure a 23-6 second chance points advantage. Ejim was also a force in the paint, racking up 3 blocks and a steal. Seven Zags recorded a steal in today’s game as they held the Lions to just .71 points per possession on 27% shooting from the field.

The aforementioned shooting from Truong and Maxwell was a drastic decider as they each made as many threes in the first half as Loyola Marymount made the entire game. Maxwell finished with 22 points and Truong added 18 of her own with 6 assists. Truong finished the game with an Offensive Rating of 172.9.

McKayla Williams impacted multiple facets of the game as well, adding 11 points, five assists a block and a couple of rebounds. Gonzaga’s next game is January 5th against San Francisco. The Dons are widely seen as the third-best team in the conference, sitting at 12-3 on the season and 2-1 in conference play.