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Gonzaga finally joins the Homefield family and it rules

The best college apparel designer out there has the best college basketball team on its roster finally.

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If you spend any time on the internet, and especially Twitter, you are probably familiar with the brand’s unique style of apparel. After a long wait, the Gonzaga Bulldogs brand is finally getting the Homefield touch, and it is lovely, to say the least.

Homefield is a premium college apparel brand based out of Indianapolis. What sets their merch apart from the rest is that it focuses on a lovely vintage feel. They dig through the archives and history of each university to find unique logos, mascots, and moments to make some excellent gear.

If you are like me: old (not so old), angry (not so angry), slightly unfashionable, and overall not a fan of a lot of new-agey sports designs, Homefield pretty much exists for you.

Just look at this gear.

Me, I am personally partial to the “Sports” sweater because it reminds me of a mass-produced marketing brand I once saw print a Gonzaga Football shirt amongst all the other college gear, and I am 100% sure it was not a tongue-in-cheek joke.

I may be wrong on the internet all the time, but I am not wrong in that Homefield makes the goods you want to own. Our very own Keith Ybanez bought a Homefield sweater without knowing Gonzaga’s stuff was coming out in the near future. Although I don’t remember the exact quote, pretty sure it was along the lines of “This is the most comfortable thing I own.”

The good news: Homefield has invited our community to give them some cash. All new customers can get 15% off their first purchase with the code SLIPPERSTILLFITS at checkout at