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Mark Few cited for DUI

The story is short and not so sweet.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Baylor vs Gonzaga Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Gonzaga Bulldogs head coach Mark Few was cited for driving under the influence on Monday evening in Coeur d’Alene, the CDA Press reported. Because there is very little if anything that this blog can add to the conversation, let’s just post what they reported:

The report said Mark Norman Few was stopped shortly before 9 p.m. in Dalton Gardens at North Fourth Street and East Hanley Avenue.

According to the report, Few was stopped “after he was called in as driving erratic and speeding. Mark exhibited several signs of intoxication. Mark refused to complete field sobriety tests but provided breath samples of 0.119/0.120. Mark was issued a citation for driving under the influence.”

The report was acquired by the Coeur d’Alene Press through a public records request.

Gonzaga has not commented on the situation yet, according to The Spokesman Review.

On to the editorializing. Number 1: Drunk driving is never OK. Mark Few made a huge mistake here. Number 2: Gonzaga athletics, for the most part, hasn’t had too many issues with legal troubles despite their meteoric rise in the college basketball realm. This is about as high-profile of a bad news day as possible for the program, so far.

In recent years, Josh Perkins was cited for physical control of a vehicle while under the influence, and then of course there is the Josh Heytvelt magic mushrooms scandal. In both situations, the athletics program, and Mark Few, punished the players. For Heytvelt, Few essentially banished him from the team for a year. Perkins was suspended for the first two games following his citation. It will be interesting to see how the university proceeds with this issue moving forward, and what, if any, consequences Few will face.


New Gonzaga Athletic Director Chris Standiford with the expected “no comment” comment.

Second Update: A statement from Mark Few.

I believe as a leader and role model, I am expected to set only the best example. The decisions I made yesterday do not exemplify this standard and for that, I sincerely apologize to you all. I recognize that operating a motor vehicle after consuming any amount of alcohol exhibits poor judgement.

Regardless of the outcome of the pending investigation, I will never allow such a lapse in judgement to occur again. Please know that I am committed to learning from this mistake and will work to earn back your trust in me.

I deeply regret disappointing any of the members of the community, the young men and women who comprise my campus community, and the University as a whole. In particular, I am sorry for the hurt that I have caused to those most important to me - my family, my players, and my program.

I am exceedingly grateful to those who continue to offer support to me, especially my wife and children. Thank you.