Tommy Lloyd or NIL? 2022 concerns...

I was looking at 2022 Gonzaga recruiting class and its looking pretty bleak.

We definitely aren't getting the caliber players we were trending towards getting over the last 3 years. It looks like a bit of regression. While losing Tommy and his network was huge, I can only suspect that NIL is playing a role in this. Even with schools like BYU realigning and going to greener pastures it seems like Gonzaga is a thing that will never happen again. A team in a mid major conference growing into a powerhouse is going to become a thing of the past. You can already see UK and Duke just loading up with all the best recruits no doubt being lured by the promises of riches and exposure with going to a powerhouse blue blood. I really think Gonzaga has to move to a bigger conference if they want to stay at the caliber the program has reached. NIL despite the pros certainly will have its cons like anything we are going to see less parity and in the end the schools like UK and Duke will be stacked for years to come.

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