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Gonzaga advances to Final Four

It was never even close.

ZagMBB | Twitter

Everyone talked about USC’s defense and Evan Mobley coming into the Elite Eight. I think Gonzaga and Drew Timme look that personally. Timme scored 23 points, Jalen Suggs was two assists shy of a triple-double, Gonzaga dominated yet another team, and the Bulldogs are heading to the Final Four for the second time in school history after dispatching the Trojans, 85-66.

Evan Mobley is a top five pick in the NBA draft this offseason. Drew Timme absolutely does not care. He hasn’t cared who guarded him all season. His footwork and positioning beats everyone. The most points USC gave up in the paint this season was 36. Gonzaga had 32 paint points at halftime, led by Timme’s 15. At one point early in the second half, they had more paint points (36) than USC had total points (35).

Jalen Suggs wasn’t a fan of the Mobley hype either. He’s a top five pick, too. He made his case for the number one pick with 18 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists. As a freshman in the Elite Eight, no less.

The entire talk coming into this game was how USC’s defense might be able to slow down Gonzaga. You know who else has a defense? Gonzaga. And it’s an elite one. Six minutes into the game, USC had more turnovers (5) than points (4). The Bulldogs led 17-4 and eventually pushed the lead to 21 late in the half.

The Trojans never made it a game in the second half. It was just a 20-minute wait until the final buzzer. Gonzaga becomes the second team since 1991 to enter the Final Four undefeated. 2015 Kentucky lost in the National semi-finals to Wisconsin.

Gonzaga is 30-0. They have won 29 of those by double digits. They’re two wins away from perfection. From history. From their first National Championship. They’ll likely have to beat two top five KenPom teams to do it. If tonight’s game against the number six team was any indication, we are in for a couple more games of fun. Enjoy the ride.

Gonzaga is a nightmare.