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FIB: Spartans Spayed, Sooners Swamped

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Oklahoma at Gonzaga
A mustache even his mother can’t love
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Remember that time when I tried to be all creative and clever and shit for the write-up? Ah, memories. Anywell...

Growing up, we were often told having a sweet tooth was a bad thing.

Well, after Gonzaga qualified for its sixth straight Sweet 16, this really doesn’t seem so bad at all.

In the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, we indulge our sweet tooth and celebrate the ongoing brilliance of the Bulldogs. A comfortable win over Suffolk Norfolk St. followed by an at-arm’s-length victory over Oklahoma (NOT gifted to GU by the refs, like many Sooners fans would have you believe) extends the nation’s longest Sweet 16 streak, and we have it all covered.

Those stories, plus our thoughts on the NCAA Tournament in general, from the Pac-12’s dominance to the Big 10’s, uh, something less than dominance to the which matchups gave us the highest scoring on the Schadenfreude Meter.

We also say hello to some of our friendly derps, check in with the Gonzaga women and the disappointment of their loss to Belmont, get prepared for Creighton and touch upon the USC/Oregon matchup.

And finally, since most of our brackets are in shambles and we proved, once again, we aren’t any good at picking games, we decide to look into what world-class abilities we’d like to have. If we couldn’t make any money off it, where would we still like to shine?

All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come share our sweet tooth with us, won’t you?

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