2021-2022 Roster

This is the way that I see next year's roster playing out:


-Suggs: 100% certain

-Kispert: 100% certain

-Ayayi: 80% certain, he is popping up on draft boards in the first round, I think he will (and should) go

-Arlauskas and Zakharov: 75% certain, neither is gettting any playing time, and with reinforcements on the way, I think they are only being pushed farther down the pecking order. If these are correct, here is what I project next year:

*Wildcard-Cook: Since Nembhard became immediately eligible, Cook's potential minutes plummeted. Since he gets an extra year of eligibility and does not count against the scholarship limit, I could totally envision him running it back for one more year. Since he doesn't count against the scholarship limit, I will leave him outside the 13, even though I think there is about a 60% chance he stays

So here is the roster:

1. Nembhard


3.Timme-I think there is about a 75% chance he stays. Does not appear to be a hot NBA commodity, and he is the type of player that would LOVE playing in opponents arenas, and in the Kennel firing up the crowds. He deserves a full season as an All-American delighting/pissing off arenas.

4. Ballo-75% chance he stays. I hope he does not bolt, as he has the build and the tools to become a very good big man, but he is still raw and so young, he just needs patience and to bide his time.

5. Harris

6. Strawther

7. Gregg

8. Sallis-we will find out Friday for sure, but with no smoke anywhere, this feels like 90% certainty he's coming

9. Holmgren-A little less certain on this one, but I like our chances still. Maybe a 70% chance, the G league must be tempting, though it sounds like he wants to play in college

10. Colby Brooks

11. Zheng reclassifies to 2021

12 & 13 -If Zakharov and Arlauskas stay, they would fill up these last 2 spots. If they leave, there are essentially 2 open spots, since Cook does not need to fill one. With the depth of this squad, Im not sure Few adds anyone else at this point, he might give the walk-ons a scholarship

And here is my best guess for next season's lineup:



SF-Strawther-I think his shooting keeps him on the floor to provide spacing over Watson, but Watson might be the pick here


C-Timme-Back to the 2 bigs offense we used to run

Key reserves:

6.Watson/Strawther, whichever does not start, the 6th man on this team

7. Cook-basically the same spot as he was this year

8. Harris-I think he plays more this year. He looks super dynamic and is a great shooter in the limited minutes we saw from him

9. Ballo-Hopefully he makes a big jump next year, but still not a huge opportunity for minutes. If Timme and Holmgren leave after next year, it might be the Ballo show in 2022.

Gregg, Brooks, Zheng do not play much this year.

Let me know if got some or all of it wrong, would love to hear everyone's thoughts!

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