Is Gonzaga the best transfer development program/destination in NCAA history?

This morning I came across this article by John Gasaway where he lists the 20 greatest transfers in NCAA history. To the surprise of very Few (sic) on this site the Zags hold 4 of those 20 spots. He lists:

  • # 6 Brandon Clarke
  • # 8 Dan Dickau
  • # 15 Nigel Williams-Goss
  • # 17 Kyle Wiltjer

I think that would make Gonzaga the best transfer destination by this standard. Historically, this was led by Dickau, as he was the first big name to do so. The transfer program was then transformed by the greatest non-transfer in GU's history, and perhaps one of the most significant in college hoops: Kelly Olynyk.

So I guess my questions are, as follows: Is GU...

  • The greatest transfer destination?
  • The greatest transfer development program?
  • Is this only in recent history? Or is this in all of NCAA history?
There are other considerations, obviously (e.g., how many went pro, how many transformed from non-pro prospects into pro prospects, how many turned the team into title contenders, how many saw increases in playtime/transformation as a college players, etc.). I would argue Gonzaga is the greatest destination program now because of its development, which is why it now attracts so many top level recruits that want/need to develop as players. Hard for me to judge it against all of NCAA history as I don't know enough, but with how the transfer market has changed in recent years, I think it will certainly become the greatest ever if the success is sustained. Let me know your thoughts.

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