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2021-2022 Player Preview: Joe Few

The coach’s son joins the walk on squad.


Last season, the Zags have one of the most diverse and largest groups of walk on players in school history. With a majority of them returning, this year, Joe Few, the head coach’s son, fills in the final roster spot as an important member of the practice squad.

The junior Few hasn’t strayed too far from the Gonzaga campus throughout his life, attending Gonzaga Prep before making the short jaunt down Hamilton Ave. to join the big league Gonzaga squad. As a senior, Few averaged 7.7 points per game, dropping a season-high 23 points against Cheney on the road.

As the youngest member of the walk on crew, the odds of seeing one minute of the younger Few on the court during a game are slim to nil. However, as we have mentioned throughout the other pieces on the various walk on members, his role will still be important as he helps keep the team trained, practiced, and mentally in check for each next opponent.

In the process, Few joins the long line of sons and daughters who are coached by their fathers and mothers, a unique challenge that presents its own layers of difficulties (or ease).