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Mark Few body cam footage released

KREM requested the information via public records request.

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The body cam footage from the police officer who pulled over and later detained Mark Few has been released to the public via a public records request by KREM in Spokane.

Few was cited for a misdemeanor DUI and later pled guilty, paying a $1,000 fine and assigned 24 hours of community service, among other punishments. He was also suspended by the Gonzaga athletics department for the first three games of the season, which include two exhibition games and the home opener against Dixie State.

In the footage, Few initially refuses a field sobriety test. something that is not within the rights of Washington state drivers. Refusing the evidentiary breath test results in suspension of license. He subsequently was detained and took two breathalyzer tests, which he failed, blowing 0.119 and 0.120. The legal limit for blood alcohol content while operating a motor vehicle is 0.08.

The footage is the behavior of someone you would expect who had been drinking, was pulled over, and realized the poor judgment call that was made too late. It also explains a clip from a Coeur d’Alene police sergeant who explains why Few is given a citation instead of getting tossed in the drunk tank.

“The officer that you were dealing with didn’t know your name to the extent of who you are. I’m not here about your case or what occurred. What I stopped by for essentially was, ‘Hey, I’m like, he’s a great guy. He’s in Spokane. There’s really no reason we need to book him probably to jail, so let’s just give him a citation.”