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2021-2022 Player Preview: Anamaria Virjoghe

Does the blocking machine make a big impact this season?

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 08 Women’s Gonzaga at St Mary’s Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For much of Anamaria Virjoghe’s career at Gonzaga, it has been more about incremental growth than a sudden leap in production. For the past two years, with the Wirth twins firmly taking a majority of the frontcourt minutes, Virjoghe was able to squeeze out spot minutes. The question for this year is whether that number jumps up now that the opening is there?

Last year, she averaged 8.3 minutes per game and saw the most success in using her size (6’5) to be a changing presence in the post. She blocked 16 shots, second on the team to Jenn Wirth (17) and did so in 499 less minutes. That is the good.

Now the stuff that needs to be worked on. Virjoghe has a couple of issues that impede her ability to stay on the court for long stretches of time. The biggest problem is her ability to score. Virjoghe spends a lot of time around the bucket, and yet she only shot 36.6 percent last season.

Obviously, that isn’t a field goal percentage to be desired, especially for one of your post players. The Zags’ identity in recent years has been their defense, and on that hand, Virjoghe provides a nice boost. However, post players need to be able to score as well, and until she can showcase a better talent for finishing at the rim, her minutes will be limited.