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March Madness Bubbling in Indianapolis

CBS Sports with the news break

NCAA National Office Exteriors Photo by C. Morgan Engel/Getty Images

It looks like the NCAA is going full steam ahead with a full March Madness tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana.

With the success of the bubbled seasons from the NBA, WNBA, MLS, and NHL, it is not a surprise to see this actually move forward. College basketball has been absolutely riddled with COVID-related cancellations. Virtually the only solution to attempt to pull off something of the magnitude of the NCAA Tournament is to centralize it in one location.

Details at this point, of course, are scarce. But there should be a bit more coherency and consistency on March Madness since the tournament is fully in the wheelhouse of the NCAA’s operations. For the NCAA Tournament, it is the NCAA, not conferences, that set the stakes, and therefore, also set the rules.

The Indianapolis idea has been floating around for sometime, and the NCAA earlier filed a trademark for “Mask Madness,” so it is pleasant to see 2021 starting off with a bit of good news: The NCAA trying to do something in the most logical way possible (the tournament not making money off masks).