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Cougars Crushed, Pilots Plundered

Gonzaga v Portland
Joel Triple Stamps a Double Champ
Photo by Soobum Im/Getty Images

Imagine being BYU (stay with us for a moment).

You haven’t played since before Christmas. You haven’t played a WCC game yet. And then Santa Clara can’t play Gonzaga. So you jump in two days before the game. And you have to go to The Kennel.

Results were, let’s say, predictable: an early blitzkrieg from Gonzaga meant the game was effectively over 7 minutes in, with just the plaudits to come. And here at Free Ira Brown, we love giving out plaudits.

Like, for example, to one Joel Ayayi, who thought a 23-2 team start against BYU wasn’t enough and decided it was time to get Gonzaga’s first-ever triple-double. The junior Frenchman was truly spectacular against Portland, finishing with 12 points, 13 boards and 14 assists, getting his triple-double without missing a shot. Très bon!

Those stories, plus: it’s Saint Mary’s Week! Or at least, what we used to call Saint Mary’s Week when SMC was worth being called a rival. But inability of the Gaels to be good or even interesting doesn’t stop us from having a little fun at their expense. A little word association, a re-examining of song lyrics, it feels good to hate on Saint Mary’s again.

Oh yeah, we play Pepperdine, too! We’ll hop back into the time machine and take a look at the last time the Waves beat Gonzaga, which leads to a truly terrifying stat.

And finally, apropos of nothing, we have a discussion of some of our favorite singing voices. Sadly, only one of us discussed William Hung.

All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do celebrate what used to be Saint Mary’s Week with us, won’t you?