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Pac 12 Cancels All Sports Competitions Through 2020


NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at Arizona Jacob Snow-USA TODAY Sports

With the college football season rapidly crumbling apart, the Pac 12 dealt a blow that resonates to a full Gonzaga Bulldogs basketball season, canceling all sports competitions through the end of the calendar year.

It looks more and more like the only way for college basketball to truly have some sort of season is in a conference bubble-like format. But as it stands, for now, the Zags lost three opponents from their non-conference slate.

The Zags were scheduled to play USC in Portland, and Arizona and Washington in Spokane.

The Pac 12 and the Big Ten are the only two major Power 5 conferences to cancel football at the moment, although the Pac 12 went further than the Big Ten did. Presumably, the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 will all be following suit in some way or another shortly. As we have noticed during this pandemic, especially in the college realm, these dominoes tend to fall pretty quickly.