Will this season happen? (POLL)

It is often said that the wisdom of the crowd is greater than that of a few experts. Having said that, I thought it was worth asking if there will be an upcoming season. I imagine the possibilities of a shortened or cancelled season must be weighing on Kispert, Ayayi, and Petrusev on whether or not to return for another year. I think the mere possibility of a canceled season tilts the scales in favor for all of them to leave college. Granted, since these aren't professional athletes, and aren't getting paid, there is less incentive for the NCAA to have a season amid a pandemic, unlike the NBA where it's a business and they expect the players to perform.

If I had to guess, I think there will be a shortened season, or a season with limited or no spectators. But this is a question meant for a scientific poll, so let me know what you think. The winning answer will be considered scientific proof on what will occur.

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