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WCC Announces Men’s Basketball Scheduling Pairings

The Zags will face Loyola Marymount and Portland once.

Gonzaga v Portland Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The West Coast Conference has released the scheduling matchups for the theoretical 2020-21 men’s basketball season.

The Zags will play all teams at home and on the road except for LMU (only at home) and Portland (only on the road).

The scheduling changes reflect overall changes the WCC made when the MWC was busy trying to poach the Zags from the conference. Each year, the conference schedule is stacked for the teams at the top to avoid pitfalls of playing bad teams repeatedly.

BYU will play Santa Clara and LMU once, and Saint Mary’s will play Portland and San Diego once.

The Zags enter the next season as one of the top pre-ranked teams in the country and a one of the favorites for the NCAA championship. Of course, with the current climate in the nation, it is impossible to say if a season even happens in full, in the first place.