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QuaranTourney Final Four Preview

Video Game simulation style

Sam Adams SWX

Sam Adams is the sports director and lead anchor at SWX in Spokane, part of the NBC affiliate. Once the NCAA Tournament was canceled, he tried to come up with ideas to fill the void. He, like many others, decided to simulate the tournament. But he’s done it in such a unique way that even ESPN picked up the story. Read that story for all the details of how it was put together.

Saturday night, Sam will be live streaming the final four games on Twitch from NBA 2k20. Gonzaga will be taking on Providence in one game and Duke faces Creighton in the other, potentially leading to a Bulldogs-Blue Devil showdown for all the marbles. Gonzaga beat Prairie View A&M, LSU, Maryland, and San Diego State to reach virtual Atlanta.

The coolest thing about their streams is that they get actual, professional announcers to broadcast the games. Sam has taken turns with Eastern Washington broadcaster Larry Weir and Georgia Southern ESPN broadcaster and former Zag student Greg Talbott to call the games. Craig Ehlo has been an analyst along with Gonzaga great Eric Edelstein, who cosplays as Bill Walton for his broadcasts, tie-dye shirt and all. Richard Fox joined the pre-game show prior to the Elite Eight against the Aztecs. Our leader here at Slipper Still Fits, Peter Woodburn, also joined the pre-game show, and it appears that 10 Observation master Keith Ybanez will join the panel prior to the Final Four game.

So, after you’re done doing our #ZagsRewatch of the 2017 South Carolina game starting at 3 pm, head over to and tune-in to the Gonzaga pre-game show at 6 pm, followed by tip-off at 6:30 and the Duke game following shortly after. It’s not real basketball, but it feels a need and is fun to watch. Plus, there’s betting lines if you want to pick a side!