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Time for Louise Forsyth to Get Her Minutes

The Canadian shooter has one more season at Gonzaga.

Louise Forsyth once arrived at Gonzaga as a sharpshooting top 50 recruit out of Canada. That now seems like such a long time ago. After losing much of her freshman year to a stress fracture, Forsyth has struggled to carve out a spot in the rotation throughout her time at Gonzaga. Next season, her senior year, gives her one last chance.

With the arrival of the Truong twins in the backcourt, Forsyth received spot minutes in her junior year campaign, averaging 13 minutes per game and scoring 3.5 points. Unfortunately, Forsyth’s shooting numbers took a nose dive this season. She shot just 36.3 percent from the floor and 36 percent from long range.

Forsyth is a talented three point shooter. Despite the limited minutes, she attempted the third-most threes on the team, behind Jill Townsend and Katie Campbell. With Campbell graduating, the Zags need another dangerous three point option behind Townsend to step up, and next season, the minutes might be there, just not at the guard spot.

Head coach Lisa Fortier funneled the Truong twins into the backcourt of a majority of their minutes. With Vanderbilt transfer Cierra Walker ready to suit up for her senior year and highly-decorated recruit McKayla Williams entering the fold, Forsyth might find a majority of her minutes backing up Townsend on the wing.

Where ever she ends up in the lineup, Forsyth has to discover that shooting magic she displayed her sophomore year, when she hit 46.9 percent of her long-range shots. The Zags biggest need next season is another consistent three-point threat alongside Townsend. Forsyth displayed that talent earlier in her career, hopefully she can find it again.