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2020 NCAA Tournament: No. 1 in the East or No. 2 in the West?

The people have spoken.

St Mary’s v Gonzaga Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

As of writing this post, the Gonzaga Bulldogs are firmly holding onto a No. 1 seed in the 2020 NCAA Tournament, alongside the Kansas Jayhawks, the Baylor Bears, and the San Diego Aztecs.

For the most part, the Jayhawks and the Bears are safe picks for the No. 1 seeds. The Bulldogs and the Aztecs, as mid majors, don’t have such luxuries. Gonzaga is roundly considered the third No. 1 seed with San Diego State as the fourth.

So for both the Aztecs and the Zags: win out and everything will be fine. Same goes for the flip side of the equation: lose and you might slip down a spot.

In the Mountain West Championship, it will most likely come down to SDSU vs. the KenPom #39 Utah State. For Gonzaga, it will most likely come down to the Zags vs. the KenPom #10 BYU. In short, if you had to pick a team that might fumble down the stretch, a betting man would say Gonzaga has it a bit harder.

That is where this question comes in:

I’ve been beating the No. 1 drum pretty regularly, and if I remember correctly from this week, I voted for the No. 1 seed (if you want to sign up to vote in these weekly polls — and there will be plenty more Gonzaga-related ones each week, click here).

It is an interesting data point from the Gonzaga community however, the idea of distance vs. the idea of seeding. Granted, that question is meaningless if the Zags win out. But if the Zags lose and it is up in the air, then it gets a bit interesting.