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#ZagsRewatch Tournament: How to Watch Gonzaga vs. Western Kentucky (2009)

With no Elite Eight games to watch, we turn to another all-time great.

NCAA Second Round: Western Kentucky Hilltoppers v Gonzaga Bulldogs Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Hello and welcome to the Elite Eight of the #ZagsRewatch Tournament. Each round we have been gathering around the ol’ YouTubes, hitting play at the same time, and enjoying some old fashioned basketball together.

Unfortunately, we are only at the disposal of what the Internet can provide us, and for what would now normally be the Elite Eight, we are left with a non-Elite Eight game. But it is not to worry, the 2009 second round contest between the Zags and Western Kentucky is one of the all-time electric finishes in Gonzaga history.

So join us today, at 3:00 pm PT, and hit play at the same time as we embark on an afternoon of college basketball. Please note, the link is a playlist. This game is chopped up into eight minute sections, but that playlist should pick up the portion automatically.

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