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Vintage NCAA Tournament: Gonzaga vs. Arizona - How to Join In

Let’s travel back to 2003.

NCAA Men’s Basketball - Gonzaga vs Portland January 23, 2004 Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Earlier on Thursday, a few of us piled into an open game thread, hit play on YouTube at the same time, and had ourselves a bit of basketball.

It wasn’t the same, but right now, nothing is really the same. All we can really do is make do with the fact that March Madness is cancelled, and that is why the Vintage NCAA Tournament is happening.

For this game we are going quite a ways back, all the way to 2003, when a Blake Stepp and Ronny Turiaf led squad faced off against the No. 1 juggernaut of the Arizona Wildcats.

So tune in this afternoon for what I think is one of the better and more entertaining NCAA Tournament games in Gonzaga history.

Game Info: