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Vintage NCAA Tournament: An Idea for Now

Let’s get together and watch some old NCAA games as if the tournament is still happening.

NCAA Men’s Basketball - Gonzaga vs Portland January 23, 2004 Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Good morning everyone.

Normally, this blog churns out content throughout March, segues eventually into farewell pieces for all the players throughout April, and finally starts to settle into a relative state of hibernation throughout the summer months whilst the college basketball world sleeps.

Because of COVID-19, we are not getting a March Madness this year. And since I’m not ready to stop writing about college basketball, I figured, if the interest was there, perhaps we as a community could engage in some vintage game threads.

It is rather easy. On Thursday we will set up a game thread for a first round game found on YouTube, and on Saturday we will set up a game thread for a second round game on YouTube. I’ll try and preview the games and I will recap them as well.

This, of course, is work, and so this is an overall question to the community? If this happens — does anyone want to participate? While we all start to climb further and further into social isolation, this is one of those ways we can use technology the way it is supposed to. Everyone fires up the same YouTube link and clicks play at the same time.

So if interested, leave me a mention in the comments. Also, help me find some full games on YouTube. This is what I have found so far: