Upsides of the BYU loss

1. Last time we lost to BYU it also sucked (more, I would say aside from the recency), but the team remembered (learned) what it felt like to lose and played a lot more motivated and calculated (I think). Personally, I don't think an undefeated Zags team makes it to the Final Four, let alone have a chance at the title. Feel free to disagree, it's an opinion - they had the talent (obvs), but I'm not sure they had the fire prior to that.

2. My Hoosiers victory is well regarded as the last undefeated team to win it all (before I was even born, and long before I was a fan/alum), but less well reported is that there has also not been a 1-loss team since then either. Maybe that's what kept the 2017 Zags from the title (that, or the officiating), but hey, maybe having 2 in the loss column isn't such a bad thing. Although I would have preferred losing to USF at home than to BYU.

What does this all mean? probably nothing. Much like the loss saturday. Win out, play as a #1 in Spokane and LA, and bring home an ugly trophy (I want it, but seriously, it is ugly). And don't play Indiana along the way. Or Cincy.

Carry on,

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