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Huge Second Half Gives Gonzaga the Win Over LMU, 75-47

Jill Townsend had a big game.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 08 Women’s Gonzaga at St Mary’s Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The final score isn’t very indicative of how much of the game felt, but the Gonzaga Bulldogs, led by a big game from Jill Townsend, pushed past the Loyola Marymount Lions, 75-47.

That score suggests the Zags were in control for much of the game, and the petal to the metal didn’t come until midway through the third quarter. The Lions actually led the Zags after 10 minutes by four and went into halftime tied at 30-30.

For Gonzaga, much of that stemmed from poor shooting. Early on, the wide open looks from three were not hitting. The shots around the hoop were not falling. But, credit due to LMU, the Lions were working hard, hustling for every ball, and doing whatever they could on the defensive end to make life hell.

Unfortunately, for LMU, it was really only a matter of time before things started to change. Townsend started to heat up as the game progressed, and the Gonzaga defense put the boot on the Lions’ offensive wheels, ending up forcing a total of 25 turnovers. Gonzaga opened the third quarter on a 10-2 run, with eight of those points coming from Townsend.

At the same time, the rest of the Gonzaga offense slowly started to heat up. The Truong sisters each scored in double figures, and Jenn Wirth added 11 points. As a team, the Zags had 18 assists off of 28 field goals. Gonzaga went into the final 10 minutes of play with a comfortable 10 point lead, never looking back.

The Zags will next play the Pepperdine Waves on the road on Saturday.