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FIB: Pepperdine Waves Goodbye to Their Upset Chance and BYU Looms Large

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at Pepperdine
Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Pepperdine student section was loud and proud last week, but ultimately waved goodbye to their upset chances when Filip Petrusev showed his mettle, dominating the home team inside. This being the only game last week you might think this will be a quick show, but nay sir, do not underestimate your humble heroes’ ability to wax on about Filip’s continued improvement, Corey’s samurai like assassination skills and the Houston Asstrholes. We also mention the NBA All-Star game (Behold the Thickening) and dig deep into the upcoming match-ups against USF and BYU.

Speaking of BYU, they’re ranked in the top 25 this week and Ding-Dong! Hello! This is a massive match-up between two top 25 heavyweights. Marty introduces us to our formidable opponent the only way he knows best, through song.

All this and a discussion of those sports figures who, well, who may be compensating for something. This week on Free Ira Brown! THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast.