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Zags in the NBA: Another Triple-Double for Domantas Sabonis

The former Zag is having himself a year.

Milwaukee Bucks v Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome to your weekly roundup of all things Gonzaga in the NBA.

Brandon Clarke

The general rule of thumb coming out of the NBA circles is that the Memphis Grizzlies hit the lottery with Clarke. For those of us that watched him in Spokane, we’d agree. If not for Zion Williamson, Clarke would’ve been one of the most efficient players in the college game in years. Last night, in a win over the Portland Trailblazers, he once again demonstrated how good he is, finishing with 27 points (off .857 shooting), four rebounds, six assists, two blocks, and just one turnover.

Zach Collins

Collins is still rehabbing his injured shoulder, but the best news came from teammate Rodney Hood, who is also rehabbing an injury.

I have time off. The first month, I couldn’t do anything, I was just laying in bed. Now, I get up around seven, I come in and workout at eight. Some days I do the pool, some days I lift weights, do upper and lower body, getting that strength back. My day is not done at 10 — I finish that work around 10. Get some breakfast or something like that and then I do a lot of things at home trying to get strength back into my Achilles. I do it every single day. Six days-a-week rehabbing, been around Zach (Collins) which can make the process a little more terrifying, but it’s been good so far.

Rui Hachimura

Rui has had himself some games since coming back from his groin injury. In the past four games, he is averaging 14.5 points, highlighted by a 20 point effort on the 11th.

Zach Norvell

The former Gonzaga guard is making the best of his 10-day contract with the Golden State Warriors. He has appeared in three games. He hit the ground running on Feb. 8, scoring seven points in 17 minutes, but that has trickled down as the week progressed. In a loss to Miami, we saw the streaky side of Norvell, scoring just three points on 16.7 percent shooting in 10 minutes. That culminated with a zero point effort last night.

The ripples from an article about Norvell’s draft decision rippled through the Twitter-verse yesterday, and regardless of where you stand on his decision to leave (my personal view: what is done is done), it is nice to see Norvell get a crack with the NBA. He has the talent to make a difference in the right scheme.

Kelly Olynyk

The oldest Gonzaga player in the NBA is, for the most part, having a season that will not end up as one of his finest. That said, on Feb. 10, Olynyk set a new career-high with a 11 assists, also scoring 12 points and grabbing 6 rebounds. Most impressively, he did this in as little time as possible.

Jeremy Pargo

My bad Kelly, Pargo is definitely the oldest Gonzaga player in the NBA. He signed a 10-day contract alongside Zach Norvell with the Golden State Warriors, and the two players had inverse weeks. Pargo scored a total of 10 points in his two first NBA games this season, then followed it up with a 15 point effort last night, showing that even at 34 years, he still has it.

Domantas Sabonis

Welcome to The Slipper Still Fits, formerly a Gonzaga Basketball blog and now a Domantas Sabonis fanboy blog. Sabonis kept doing Sabonis-like things last week, including registering his fourth triple-double in 12 games in a loss on Feb. 10. He finished with 23 points (off 73 percent shooting), 10 rebounds, and 11 assists. Sabonis was the last player picked by Team LeBron for the All Star Game, but he is always the first player picked in my heart.