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Introducing Our Newest Staff Writer: Ben Schittler

Our new guy isn’t from Spokane...

Hello all, I’m excited to be the newest member of the TSSF staff! As a college senior studying journalism who happens to be a huge Zag fan, I am looking forward to this opportunity to cover the team and be a part of this community.

As you may have seen in the headline, I am not a local guy. In fact, I come to you all the way from Pennsylvania. That’s right, you’re probably looking at the biggest Bulldogs fan this side of the Mississippi. So you may be asking yourself, how did this Philly Sports Fan™ end up cheering for Gonzaga? Well that is a very good question, and I have an answer.

While baseball has always been my first sport, I began following basketball, especially at the collegiate level, while in middle school. The first time I remember seeing Gonzaga on the TV, I really hadn’t picked a favorite team, but I was drawn to the idea of this small school from a small conference that was consistently on the level of the blue bloods. Rooting for non-traditional teams has always been more fun for me, anyway.

Kevin Pangos was my first favorite Zag, and that 2014-15 squad featuring Wiltjer, Karnowski, and Sabonis really endeared me to the program. Watching those Zags make a tournament run to take on Duke in the Elite Eight pretty much sealed me into being a permanent fan. I may not have been around in the early days, but I could probably tell you every name that has checked into game for the Zags over the last few years, so I hope that makes up for something.

It’s safe to say since then that my fandom has only grown in the last six years, and going to a game at the Kennel has long since been added to my bucket list. For now, though, I am happy to be here and be a part of the Zag community online, so I hope you will look forward to seeing more of me throughout the season!