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Gonzaga-Northwestern State Playing Back-to-Back Days

Get ready for another game this week

Gonzaga announced they will play back-to-back games against Northwestern State. They have added another contest against them on December 22nd in addition to the game they play Monday night.

For a full preview of Northwestern State, click here. They play Washington State on Wednesday, which means they play three games in three days. Some aggressive scheduling for the Demons.

Gonzaga will play back-to-back games twice over the next week or so, all of them against lesser opponents. It will be a good time to have their depth guys play substantial minutes. Here is the updated non-conference schedule before WCC play begins:

December 21 vs Northwestern State

December 22 vs Northwestern State

December 26 vs Virginia (in Texas)

December 28 vs Northern Arizona

December 29 vs Dixie State

January 2 vs San Francisco