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2020-21 Player Preview: Gillian Barfield

The senior reserve gets one last go.

As a reserve, your role on the team is very different, but that doesn’t make the achievements any less special. In her sophomore season, forward Gillian Barfield scored her first bucket as a Gonzaga Bulldog. Last season, she scored a career-high five points and grabbed a career-high three rebounds in separate games.

This season, if all goes according to play, she very well could earn the first start of her collegiate career on Senior Night. Such is the life of a reserve. You grind it out with the best of the best in your teammates every morning/afternoon/night during practice.

Barfield has also done all of this while majoring in biology and pre-med in hopes of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

This year, the Zags will have high-expectations. Key players on the squad are seniors, the freshman class is rather good, and the supplemental players are all there. After losing out on last year’s NCAA Tournament, the aspirations coming into this year are still Sweet 16 and beyond. The efforts of the reserves like Barfield are key towards the season transpiring like everyone wants.

As a senior, we will most likely see Barfield in the waning minutes of quite a few games this season. Hopefully, the season will last long enough to provide her with a proper send-off on Senior Night.