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Confirmed: Gonzaga to Play Kansas and Auburn in Fort Myers Tip-Off

The non-conference news cycle that keeps on giving

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Salt Lake City Photo by Brett Wilhelm/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Update to the update: St. Joe’s comes on. We got some basketball games.

Update: The game is as confirmed as games can be at the moment.

After the Orlando bubble collapsed yesterday, teams immediately began to scramble looking for a way to secure some sort of non-conference slate. The Zags got a two-parter of news, but it is the new opponent that will have people drooling.

This comes on the heels that Gonzaga’s MTE against Auburn was in the works of continuing, just needed a couple of more teams to fill it out. It looks like Kansas might be one of those teams, and we still might see Gonzaga playing basketball in the first game of the season.

As Matt Norlander notes on Twitter, the MTE is not set in stone. Gonzaga is playing Kansas and Auburn, which means that those two teams still need to agree on a fourth squad to completely fill out the two-game tournament. Also, considering how everything has been going so far, it is hard to say anything is set in stone at the moment.

However, if the Zags and the other schools are able to pull this off, the shambles of a non-conference slate will still have more than its fair share of gems, with the Zags playing, at the minimum, Auburn, Kansas, Baylor, and Iowa.

Kansas is consistently ranked in many too-early top 25 rankings, alongside Baylor and Iowa.