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WCC Eyes Playing Games in Las Vegas Bubble

Details will be solidified in the coming weeks.

Las Vegas, Nevada, Skyline Architecture Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The West Coast Conference is exploring playing out conference basketball games for both men’s and women’s in a bubble-like scenario in Las Vegas, John Canzano of The Oregonian reported over the weekend.

Considering COVID-19 cases are rising virtually everywhere around the nation at the moment, it is no surprise to see the WCC attempting to figure out how to best go forward. With many schools engaged in fully remote learning, the prospect of removing students from class for weeks at a time is no less disruptive than a normal basketball season schedule.

The NBA, WNBA, and NHL all proved that going forward, playing sports in a bubble is the easiest way to protect from the spread of COVID-19. The NFL has had multiple COVID-19 outbreaks force last-minute schedule changes, ruining fantasy football rosters everywhere.

The idea of bubbling up in Las Vegas makes sense from a logistics standpoint. The conference can reserve hotel rooms for everyone and there are multiple arenas for all of the games to take place at. From the players/coach’s perspectives, it is also the safest idea. Although the Gonzaga Bulldogs charter planes for their men’s basketball team, other schools do not, and cannot afford that luxury. If the San Diego Toreros, for example, are forced onto a commercial flight, by virtue of playing a game in Spokane exposes the Zags to the risk of the virus.

Jon Rothstein confirmed earlier this morning that details remain scarce and a decision is not expected for another couple of weeks.

Logistically, there is probably still a massive amount to figure out. If the NCAA won’t play the players, it is at least nice to see the conference attempting to figure out how to best protect the players, especially for both men’s and women’s basketball.