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2020-21 Player Preview: Eliza Hollingsworth

After a redshirt year, the Australian forward is ready to produce.

Last season, the Gonzaga Bulldogs ran a deep rotation that was heavy on the guards, but, surprisingly, a bit light in the post. None of that matter much, as the Wirth twins were more than able to hold their own in the paint. This year, a hopefully healed Eliza Hollingsworth should be around to provide a bit of defensive work on the glass.

The freshman from Australia ended up sitting out much of last season recuperating from a high ankle sprain, and ultimately, redshirted. With Jill Townsend occupying the wing (and leading the team in minutes), the Wirth twins each averaged 25+ minutes per game, with Melody Kempton providing a bit of relief.

In a previous life in Australia, Hollingsworth proved herself adept at rebounding, and that is where she can provide some quality minutes—but she will have to fight for them. With the Wirth twins as the presumptive starters for this year, the Zags also have 6’5 junior Anamaria Virjoghe and 6’1 Canadian freshman Yvonne Ejim. Virjoghe averaged 7.7 minutes per game last season, but has yet shown an ability to consistently shoot and stay out of foul trouble.

Hollingsworth will probably get her minutes. Gonzaga head coach Lisa Fortier loves to run a deep rotation, and Hollingsworth provides some help at positions the Zags lacked depth at last season. High ankle sprains can be tricky, but at this point, we are nearing six months of 100% rest, so there is no reason to suggest Hollinsworth won’t be ready to contribute.