A strange feeling

I feel like this may be the most disrespected Gonzaga team of all time. Despite beating multiple ranked teams in the preseason(something we have rarely done) there's is a sense I get that people still consider this a bridge year. So many people seem fixated on 2020 and on our record-setting recruiting class, that they aren't appreciating what our team this year is accomplishing. There were many people on this site, and on Twitter that believe we aren't deserving of our #1 ranking, and that they would put teams like Kansas and Duke ahead of us. Even amongst Gonzaga fans, it's ok for Duke to lose at home to Stephen Austin, but not ok for Gonzaga to barely win at home. I've always sensed that many Gonzaga fans have an inferiority complex, and that no matter what we accomplish, we still don't belong at the top with other top tier programs.

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