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Free Ira Brown! Have Mercy

NCAA Basketball: Detroit at Gonzaga
Corey Looks to The Sky !
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The holiday season means a much-needed break for the Gonzaga players, giving a chance to rest, heal up some injuries and enjoy some high-quality Christmas music (see our last episode).

But fret not, dear FIBbers, we are still here to help you through this most festive of periods. That’s right, Free Ira Brown is back, and in our latest episode, our heroes fight through colds, Disney and whiskey to bring you a brief (well, for us) New Year’s pod.

There isn’t too much to cover, but we will review the win over Detroit Mercy, the Gonzaga women roaring back from a 20-point deficit to get a big win and some absolute gold from Greg Heister.

Those stories, plus with the new year comes the start of the West Coast Conference season, and we’ll take you through the conference openers against Portland and Pepperdine (ROMAAAARRR!!).

And finally, we would like to take a moment to wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year. We wish nothing but the best in the new decade.

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