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Player Preview: Jessie Loera

This girl’s ready to run the show

This is Jessie Loera’s year. In the past, the 5’6” guard has filled in for Laura Stockton or has started with her. During last season, Loera played in 32 games, started in 12 and seriously pushed the pace - she is considered the fastest player for the Zags. With the departure of Stockton, it is safe to assume that she will be running the show for the Bulldogs along with Katie Campbell.

She seemed to fit right in when she appeared in Spokane for her freshman year: she played in 30 games, averaged 11.3 minutes per game and 2.4 points. Following a solid first year, Loera played in all 33 games, starting in seven, during her sophomore season. That same year, she garnered a 2.2 assist to turnover ratio which was ranked as second in the league and 56th in the nation. In offering praise to the Moses Lake native, head coach Lisa Fortier mentioned, “She brings great energy to our team. She is a defensive stopper. She has potential to be a three-tool player.”

While basketball is an essential part of Jessie’s life, so too is the family unit. Before every game, she draws a cross on each wrist in honor of her grandfathers who have passed away. Their faith in her and her ability has pushed her to achieve as much as she has within the game. In addition, her close family relationships have even helped foster her love of the game. Jessie’s parents have always been dedicated to watching their kids games, including making the trek across state lines to watch her older sister play at Oregon.

Loera’s overall performance last year was fairly concrete - she was ranked first on the team with 132 assists, third on the team with 43 steals, a 71.4 percent free throw shooter and averaged 5.8 points per game. We are definitely crossing our fingers that her stats continue to rise in order to lead the Zags even further than last year.