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Pitching Gonzaga to Boogie Ellis

Here are the reasons Boogie belongs in Spokane

If you haven’t heard the news, Boogie Ellis (the #34 overall player in the 2019 class) has decommitted from Duke and has re-opened his recruitment. I’d like to to think he decided to leave Duke because of the return of Tre Jones and the fact that he wanted to be the lead point guard. I get it.

The five-star point guard from San Diego, California has been getting looked at by Washington, Georgetown, Virginia, Arizona, Oregon, Gonzaga, Kansas, Memphis, UCLA and Vanderbilt. So what basketball program would be the best fit for him to excel and prosper as a PG? Easy, Gonzaga University. Here’s why:

  1. Gonzaga is in need of a young, lead point guard. It would be a “match made in heaven” as he would get major minutes and have a chance to be a star in Spokane.
  2. The roster already has all the other positions filled with a lot of talent. Kispert, Petrusev, (possibly) Norvell, and (most likely) Tillie. He would be one of the top scorers on the team and have a lot of different scoring options to distribute the ball.
  3. Boogie can be apart of a special recruiting class that would be one of the best in the nation. Picture it - Boogie, Timmie, Watson, Arlauskas, Ravet, Zakharov, and Ballo. Damn.
  4. He would get a great opportunity to expand his skills with the coaching staff. I know Boogie is thinking one-and-done and that’s ok. He would improve upon his talents and catch a lot of attention from NBA scouts if he chose to come to Gonzaga. I mean, five Gonzaga players put their name in the NBA Draft just this past season. Gonzaga produces NBA prospects.
  5. A chance of winning a national championship and leaving a huge mark in Gonzaga’s history books. He has the possibility to be a legendary player in the world of college basketball with the talent that Gonzaga can put on the court in the 2019-2020 season.
  6. The family atmosphere at Gonzaga. Boogie was definitely drawn to Duke because of the brotherhood but the Zags have that too. Just ask the past players their opinion on the brotherhood that the Gonzaga basketball program has installed.
  7. Gonzaga beat Duke in the Maui Invitational Championship this past season. Enough said.

In closing, Boogie Ellis should think long and hard about coming to Gonzaga because it’s the place for him to be. Share this article with Boogie on social media so he knows how the Gonzaga faithful feel about him coming to Spokane.

*Arden Cravalho is a senior at Gonzaga University... Follow him on Twitter @a_cravalho