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Weekly Zag Briefing

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St Mary’s v Gonzaga Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

As Selection Sunday draws nearer, the clamoring of the Gonzaga haters grows louder. It happens so consistently around this time of year that you can pretty much set your watch to it. While we’ve been fighting the good fight over here at Slipper Still Fits for many years now, some national writers are also dipping their toes into the conversation.

  • Ken Pomeroy wrote an excellent piece for The Athletic, warning people to dismiss Gonzaga at their own risk. Pomeroy compared the current edition of the Zags to the five best teams in terms of average scoring margin over the last 20 years, and found that this year’s squad is head and shoulders above the rest. Then consider that the current Zags are playing a conference schedule that is a tad more difficult because they eliminated two games against the two worst teams in the WCC from the previous year. Gonzaga is dominating with less “cupcake” games on its schedule. It all matches up what our eyes are telling us when we watch the games.
  • Over at The Sporting News, Mike DeCourcy highlights the programs’ achievements over the last four years in making the case that Gonzaga should not be evaluated based on its conference.
  • Kendra Andrews writes for The Athletic that Gonzaga’s toughest foe over the next few weeks won’t be any team it plays on the court, but the battle against complacency played in the mind.
  • In a fun story, Jim Meehan asked a few of the Zags what they would be doing if they weren’t playing college basketball. Recognizing the value of education, most of them commented that they would still have gone to college to pursue a degree, though visions of gridiron glory are also on the table for some.
  • Despite the loss to BYU over the weekend, the women’s basketball team is still projected to host opening weekend games as a #4 seed for their tournament bracket.
  • Brock Ravet is 29 points away from being the first high school basketball player in the state of Washington to score 3,000 career points. He’ll get an opportunity over the weekend to reach that mark, and is also hoping he can cap his decorated prep career with one more state championship. Make sure to check out this article for the Seattle TImes too, where Ravet discussed the roots of his Gonzaga fandom and getting the offer to play for his dream school.