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Free Ira Brown! Got 99 Problems But the PAC12 Ain’t One

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at Arizona
@11Aboard the Ayayi Train!
Jacob Snow-USA TODAY Sports

Do ever wonder how well Gonzaga would do in a real conference?

You know, what that doesn’t include the lumbering lummoxes that are the LMU Lions? Or the ponderous peasants that are the Portland Pilots?

What if, and go with us here, what if Gonzaga were in a real, proper conference? Like, for example, the Pac-12? How would Gonzaga do in the Pac-12, where the west coast behemoths that are Washington and Oregon and Arizona live?

What’s that, now? They beat all those teams, you say? And not one of the games was at home? And Tucson is six hours from the ocean and shouldn’t be considered the west coast?

We hear you, dear FIBber! And since we here at Free Ira Brown are in the truthiness business, in our latest episode our heroes end the discussion on who the best team in the west is (as if there was any doubt) after Gonzaga goes into the McKale Center and comes away with a (mostly) impressive win over Arizona.

We’ll take a look back at Ayayi’s brilliance, Angry Filip(!), Mannion’s miscues and what, exactly, precisely….what the holy hell happened those last 90 seconds.

Those stories, plus we spend some time with Peter Woodburn and Keith Ybanez from this very Website, getting their thoughts on the season so far, what’s been a surprise -- both good and bad – and why Peter has ruined Keith’s ability to get into a game ever again.

And finally, we finish up with a look ahead to Eastern Washington’s return to the MAC. Oh yeah, some other team is making its way west, as well.

All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops podcast. Do come bear down with us, won’t you?