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Gonzaga Ranked No. 6 in First NET Rankings of Year

Not too bad. Not too bad.

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at Arizona Jacob Snow-USA TODAY Sports

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are ranked No. 6 in the NCAA’s first release of the NET rankings. The NET rankings are one of the primary metrics used by the NCAA to determine seeding in the NCAA Tournament.

The rankings are treating the mid majors rather nicely. San Diego State is at No. 3 and Dayton rolls in at No. 10. Ohio State is No. 1 and Kansas is No. 2.

The Zags get dinged based on their non-conference schedule. Out of all of the teams in the top 10, Gonzaga has the lowest ranked one—primarily because the bad opponents have been rather bad.

Although the Duke Blue Devils own the best Quadrant 1 wins box score at 4-0, Gonzaga slides in at No. 2 in that realm, at 3-1.

Around the WCC, BYU is second in the league at No. 42. Saint Mary’s comes in at No. 64 and San Francisco is at No. 79, giving the league four top-100 teams.

Overall, it isn’t too bad all considering that the mysteries of the NET rankings are something no one will truly understand. It is nice for the NCAA to attempt to be transparent in a sense here, but the NET rankings stabilize into much more realistic territory as the season progresses. After all, this is the ranking system that upon first release last year listed LMU as a top 10 team.

Click here to view the entire NET rankings.