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Free Ira Brown! Bark Like a Dawg For Me

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at Washington
Woolridge Rises to the Occasion
Lindsey Wasson-USA TODAY Sports

Did you ever do Sunday dinner with the family? Mom and dad, or maybe grandma and grandpa, host as many members of the family as possible, maybe cook up a nice turkey dinner, or –ooh!—maybe a lasagna.

Just out of curiosity, what did you put on your food? Were you a gravy fan for your turkey? Maybe parmesan or Reggiano for your lasagna?

We hear at Free Ira Brown, we prefer Husky tears.

And in the latest episode, our heroes exult in the full supply of Husky tears available after Sunday’s win. Woolridge all over both ends of the floor? Cue Husky tears. Ayayi with a clutch 3-pointer? More Husky tears. Tillie being the best player on the floor? Even MORE Husky tears. We rejoice in it all.

Those stories, plus we give a shout out to the great Frank Burgess, pick an interesting thing from the Texas Southern game, take look at what should be a fun game against Arizona and weigh in on the topic du jour: Gonzaga’s student section.

All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come join us at the dinner table, won’t you?