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2019-20 Player Preview: Kaylynne Truong

Meet the other half of the incoming Truoung twins.

If you think you’ve already read this article before, there’s no reason to be concerned, you’re probably just thinking about our preview of Kayleigh Truong. In the second installment of the Truong Chronicles, we focus on Kaylynne Truong, the other member of the talented backcourt pair out of Houston, Texas.

While the Truong sisters are indeed identical twins, their respective basketball games are not carbon copies of one another. Kaylynne is a capable distributor, but frequently served as the shooting complement to her sister and can threaten opponents all around the perimeter, which makes her an intriguing and natural backup to Katie Campbell this season.

She’s more than a shooter, though, as she proved during her senior year that she can play a complete game and contribute in more ways than just the points scored column. As a senior at Jersey Village High, Kaylynne earned District MVP honors and averaged 19.5 ppg, 4.2 rpg, 4.5 apg, and 3.2 spg. She is more than welcome to continue that production at Gonzaga.

Per the Houston Chronicle, Kaylynne picked up the game at the age of 2 shortly after Kayleigh found one of her dad’s basketballs in the garage and began dribbling the ball around the house. What will endear the Kaylynne and her sister even more to Gonzaga fans is that they decided to stay at their community high school and help build a successful program from the ground up instead of transferring over to one of the many established programs in the Houston area. That mindset will take Kaylynne and Kayleigh a long way—it’s already taken them to Gonzaga.